[Game]: GTA 4 (XBox 360) [Genre]: Action [Dev]: Rockstar
[Elements]: Healthbar, HUD, Main Interface, Minimap, Time

GTA IV: HUD (1280x720)
top-right: stars - how hard the police is looking for you, ammo and ammo currently in the weapon, icon for the active weapon. lower-left: the minimap and health/ammo around it. additionally you get helpful information on the top-left when appropriate and the name of your car and the name of the area you're in on the bottom-right when you enter a new car or area or when you press a button (it's the down-button on the PS3). The radiostations show as icons in the top-center of the screen. the ingame-cellphone pops up from the bottom-right of the screen. The only thing that is always on screen is the minimap+health, everything else fades away when not needed.